Choupin Apartment

This apartment is all on ground floor, very comfortable and accessible, even for people with reduced mobility, no stairs or level changes are required, and the car can be parked just meters from the entrance. It has a large private terrace, very spacious with good views and closed with a gate. It has a living-dining room, kitchen, and two bedrooms: one with a 160 cm double bed, and the other with a 90 cm trundle bed that can be extended to another additional 90 cm bed, or joined together as a double bed. It has a porch between the stone columns that support the large balcony of the house, and access to the apartment is through a glass door that offers panoramic views of the garden and the Landro Valley beyond. You can barbecue on the terrace, sunbathe, or enjoy the cool evenings in the shade of a century-old palm tree. In the old mine facilities, this area housed the stables, a carpentry workshop, and the place where horseshoes were placed on horses.

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